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SPA Technique Extreme Novec SFI Fire System - Mechanical, Classic-Style

Note: All Spa Extreme Novec Fire Systems are shipped directly from manufacturer. Please allow up to an additional 5-7 days for delivery.

The SPA Extreme Fire System uses a unique environmentally friendly gas from 3M called Novec 1230. Just like halon, Novec 1230 leaves no residue and has no adverse effects on delicate electronics or engine components. Unlike halon, 3M Novec has zero ozone depletion and is non-toxic, with an atmospheric lifetime of only 5-days. Combined with SPA's multi-directional nozzles, the SPA Extreme system provides impressive fire knockdown and fire-out properties - good enough to give this system an SFI 17.1 approval. The compact system is the perfect size for closed cockpit sports cars and sedans.

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