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Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 FIA Fire System - 2.25kg Mechanical

Lifeline's Zero 360 range of fire systems featuresNovec 1230,a nontoxic, environmentally friendly Halon replacement that evaporates/dissipates completely after suffocating the fire. The 2.25kg bottle was originally designed for international rallying, but offers a price competitive system to bring Novec to the masses.The mechanical Fire Marshall system is activated through strategically placed pull cables, and high quality commercial valve and features an 8 nozzle design (4 nozzles in the engine bay, and 4 in the cockpit) with reduced, 8mm delivery tubes for faster heat absorption and fire knockdown capability. The 2.25kg size (generally accepted as a 5lb equivalent) is ideal for most closed cockpit cars and is FIA approved for competition use.

Technical Details