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Pyrotect Adjustable Seatback Brace

This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow an additional 7-10 days for shipment.

Prevent rearward tipping of your seat in an impact with this Pyrotect seatback brace. A seatback brace is required for Lemons cars that have more than 6" of distance between the seatback and the harness bar. Be sure to check clearance when the seat is positioned for the team's shortest driver.

The brace attaches to your rollcage harness bar. The brace does not permanently attach to your seat--it just prevents it from tipping in the event of a rear impact.

The brace is available in three versions: weld-on, bolt-on for 1.5" tubing, and bolt-on for 1.75" tubing (add $70 for bolt-on versions). Please select your desired version from the pulldown menu.