Gearing up never looked so good...

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Lemons "The Bownjourno" Kit

All the driver gear, minus the neck restraint (available separately) needed to pass Lemons tech - just show it and go.

Good morning! Look like a sleek Italian race car driver on the outside, while really just being a semi-famous Lemons racer. The gear experts at OG Racing custom curated this entry-level kit from the best Italian suppliers! Meshing European gear with select G-Force items helps keep the costs down, but put Italian focus on the suit, shoes and gloves for improved fit, ergonomics and performance.

The Suit: Sparco Driver Suit (one-layer, one-piece, FPF Fire Retardant Cotton, SFI 3.2A/1 driving suit). Must be used with the included SFI-rated underwear. Boot-style NASCAR legs with internal safety cuffs.

The Helmet:G-Force Rift SA2020 Helmet: Fiberglass shell, Lemons-legal SA2020 certification, and pre-drilled head-and-neck restraint device holes.

The Shoes:Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoes. Leather/Nomex/rubber racing shoe rated SFI 3.3/5. Lots of ankle-support, and a US-spec wide toe-box.

The Gloves:Sparco Land Racing Gloves. Multi-layer Nomex gloves, with a Lemons-Legal FIA 8856-2000 Homologation. Italian ergonomics with high-grip suede inserts on the fingers and palms.

The Underwear:Single layer suits are legal when combined with Nomex Underwear. To keep costs down, this kit includes G-Force's high-performing SFI-rated underwear. Soft and comfortable!

The Socks:Sabelt U-100 Socks are soft, breath well and FIA Homologated for fire protection.