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NecksGen REV2 Lite NecksGen REV Z-Tech Sports Series 6A
NecksGen REV2 Lite
Price: $569.00
NecksGen REV
Price: $499.00
The SFI 38.1 NecksGen Rev2 Lite is a lightweight version of the tried-and-true NecksGen REV. The NecksGen Rev is one of the most popular and proven SFI 38.1 devices in Lemons. The SFI 38.1 Z-Tech Series 6A is the flagship model from Z-Tech Sports.
Z-Tech Sports Series 2A NecksGen REV Helmet Mount Kits Z-Tech Sports Helmet Mount Kits
The Z-Tech Sports Series 2A is the latest and least expensive SFI 38.1 device on the market. Extra NecksGen mounting kits allow the whole team to share a single NecksGen SFI 38.1 neck device. Extra Z-Tech mounting hardware kits allow the whole team to share a single Z-Tech SFI 38.1 device.